What is Immersion?

In the U.S., immersion is a context in which at least 50% of the school day is taught in a language other than English.

What are the types of Louisiana Immersion Schools?

We have many varied immersion pathways in Louisiana.  We have one way immersion, where the majority of the students speak English and are learning a new target language (French, Spanish, Mandarin).  These programs vary from 60/40 programs with 60% of the day in the target language to 100% immersion where English is introduced at a later grade.  We also have two-way immersion where ½ th class speaks English and the other half speaks Spanish.  Most of these programs are 90/10 programs that gradually transition to 50/50 programs.

How do I get my child into Immersion?

Contact your district or a local charter school.  There is also one private school in NOLA that has immersion. If the district does not have immersion the state has laws and procedures to ask the district to start one.

Which Immersion Program is best for my child?

It depends.  The best idea is to contact the schools and see if you are a good fit.

How much does this school cost?

Except for the one private school in New Orleans, the immersion programs are all public or charter schools and thus are all tuition-free.

Are you accepting new students?

There is usually a waiting list but they welcome students in every year.

How do I become an Immersion educator?

For Americans: You need to have an advanced-mid (C1) level of target language and you have to be certified for the content you will teacher.

For other teachers: You need to go in through our international teacher selection program through the Louisiana Department of Education and CODOFIL.

How do I get involved with LCIS?

Get involved through our Facebook page @LAImmersion

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